Holding Abortion Clinics To The Law

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022 15:41

Can we stop the out-of-control abortion in this country simply by insisting that abortion clinics follow the law? Today I start a conversation with Cathie Humbarger from Reprotection.org. She talks...

Holding Abortion Clinics To The Law

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Can we stop the out-of-control abortion in this country simply by insisting that abortion clinics follow the law?

Today I start a conversation with Cathie Humbarger from Reprotection.org. She talks about how her organization has successfully limited - or even shut down - abortion providers - simply by insisting that they follow the same rules as everyone else.

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Cathie Humbarger:
And it was it was an amazing thing to see the disregard for all of those those complaints that we filed. So ultimately, we did get the attention of the attorney general. There were two ways that we went after him. One was for his abortion business license and the other was for his medical license. And over time, when we finally got the attention of those in charge, we were able to not only have his abortion facility licenses revoked for each of the three locations, but we were also able to get his medical license suspended. So that was the beginning of Reprotection. My goal at the beginning was to close down the abortionist next door to me. But as the Lord opened doors and we were able to accumulate more and more information and not give up and persevere against the government agencies that wanted to overlook this, we were finally able to not only close the abortion facility next to me, but the other two as well and get his license suspended.

Reuel Sample:
What I find interesting is that this is all happening in Indiana. Indiana is not a bastion of of far left liberalism. But even in Indiana, probably the poster child for Midwestern values is that you still had a heck of a time getting the attention of government regulation facilities and then people moving on those regulations to get things done.

Cathie Humbarger:
You're exactly right. You're exactly right. I was appalled. This, of course, unfolded over the course of the administrations of three different governors. And the Republican governors were I mean, you have to educate them. They have a bubble around them. And if people know their inner circle doesn't if they don't want them to know something, they don't get the information. So you are exactly right. We're finding this happening in many states that one would think is airtight for holding abortionists and their businesses accountable. And we're not asking for new stuff. We're just saying, please enforce what's already there. So what became abundantly apparent during this whole process is we fight hard to get pro-life legislators elected, which we should. We fight hard to get pro-life legislation passed, which we should. But that is not the end of it. We can't assume that the agencies that are responsible for enforcing these laws are going to do their job. Through our review of termination of pregnancy reports, we found that on on one termination of pregnancy report, it was reported that a woman died. Now, you would think that would get the attention of somebody. We found it, but it was almost two years after the incident and when we contacted the Indiana State Department of Health to ask them about this. They said, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll look into it.

About Reprotection

One Thursday morning, Cathie Humbarger looked out her office window at the local abortion business and saw women stumbling down the steps after an abortion. No wheelchair. No wheelchair ramp. She wondered, “What else is going on behind the doors of the notorious abortionist Ulrich Klopfer’s business?”

​You would think that egregious violations like these would raise the alarm with local and state authorities, but they didn’t.

Cathie and her team filed over 2000 complaints against abortionist Klopfer, resulting in his three abortion facilities being closed in Indiana. His medical license was then suspended with stringent stipulations that caused him to decide to stop practicing altogether. He would never harm another woman again.

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