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2022 - The Year Ahead for the Pastor's Voice

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Welcome to the Pastor's Voice. I'm Reuel Sample. Thank you for listening today. You haven't heard from me this summer. I took the summer off for a few reasons. Number one, it was really, really busy. And number two, I wanted to rethink where this podcast is going to go.

I started this podcast because I think the Christian church here in America has not done the greatest jobs in preparing its members to meet the challenges that we're facing today. We have failed because of really two things. Number one, we have let ourselves be convinced that the church is just simply a byproduct of Christianity, that it's no longer needed. It's been replaced by other things. Nothing is farther from the truth. Jesus directly ordained the church. He turned to Simon and said, You are now Peter. And upon this rock I will build my church. And against it, the gates of hell shall not prevail. Jesus put the church in place. Wherever Paul went, he planted churches side by side with the Ministry of the Gospel. Throughout all of Scripture, Old and New Testament, we see the necessity of corporate worship. We see the importance of the community, of faith. But the church doesn't think it's important anymore. So it has stepped back from being the central point of the Christian's life and has merely made itself a calendar point. We have convinced ourselves that the church is not important and so it no longer is.

We have also convinced ourselves that Jesus is a movement instead of the person of God. We think that the central message of the gospel is to do good things, to love each other, to pursue justice, etc., etc., etc.. The problem is, is that Jesus is not a movement. The central message of Jesus is not about what he taught. The central message of Jesus is Jesus. The central message of the Gospel is Jesus. And when we get away from that, when we focus on what Jesus taught, things like pursuing justice, feeding the poor, so on and so forth, we screw it up all the time because we let our passions direct us instead of Jesus. It is Jesus who is the central message of of the gospel. If the church is not preaching Christ crucified as its central message, then the church is not any different from any other social organization, and nothing else will go right.

So the pastor's voice will continue to hold the church to account. I'm going to challenge the church to reach out in new ways and to perhaps explore the old ways of doing ministry. I'm going to bring guests on board who are doing incredible works of ministry, both inside the church and outside the church, and how their efforts can be helped by the church. And how sometimes those efforts have been hindered by the church. And I want you to hear from pastors as we struggle to faithfully respond and lead churches through these daily issues.

To do all that. I need your help. First I need and covet your prayers. Please pray for guidance. Please pray for time. Please pray for the pastors and the ministry leaders who will be coming on board. It takes a leap of faith to come out and and get your message out to people. So please pray for me. Please pray for all of us as we go forward.

If you are a pastor or a ministry leader, I need you. I need you to come on board our podcast. I also need you to join the Pastors Roundtable. The Pastors Roundtable is a time for pastors to to get into these issues and really chew it up and then decide how we can present a faithful worldview issue, a faithful worldview view response to these issues, to our churches and to our ministries.

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And finally, your support through gifts or the purchase of our merchandise really does help keep the lights on. So please consider helping us in whatever financial ways you feel appropriate.

The church has a place. It has a central place in the lives of Christians. Together, let's explore how we can encourage and promote a Christian worldview. In the lives of all believers. This has been the Pastor's Voice. I am Reuel Sample. Thank you for listening.

Reuel Sample
Reuel SamplePodcast HostThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reuel Sample is the host of The Pastor's Voice Podcast. He has a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Business Administration from Grove City College, and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has served as a church pastor and a Navy Chaplain. He is a staunch churchmen - which is why he criticizes it so much. He is an avid sailor and wood worker. He is blessed to be married to his wife Pam. They make their home in Wilmington, NC.

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