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Wednesday, 27 April 2022 15:41

Can we stop the out-of-control abortion in this country simply by insisting that abortion clinics follow the law? Today I start a conversation with Cathie Humbarger from She talks...

Abortion, Laws and the Silence of the Church

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The battle lines have been drawn over abortion - but churches continue to give mixed messages to their members.

I continue my discussion with Cathie Humbarger of We talk about the various laws that will go into effect if Roe v Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court. We also talk about the lack of support churches have given women who have had an abortion, and the practical measures we can do to change that.

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Reuel Sample:
Where is the church in the decision of all these folks?

Cathie Humbarger:
Well, for the most part, silent. I struggle to even get church pastors to pray in churches every week for women who might be considering an abortion, it would seem that there would be some place in the time of prayer for a prayer to be inserted every week because pastors don't know. But statistics show that women identifying as Christians have abortions, too. There may be a woman sitting in the pews that are contemplating that decision that very week.

Reuel Sample:
And all they're getting from the church probably is condemnation. How dare you have sex outside of marriage? How dare you have? How dare you do all this? You get your life in order. Then you can come back into the church.

Cathie Humbarger:
Pretty much. Pretty much. And that's so sad.

Reuel Sample:
It's not just sad, Cathie. It goes against every aspect of the gospel. I'm a church man. That's why I started this podcast, because I think churches need to have an incredible impact upon the Christian worldview of its people. And I think this is one area where churches have consistently let their people down. They have no plans, they have no action. They have nothing in place for members of their church community or even their surrounding communities who are facing the issue of abortion. They think they give them no options. They give they they don't come alongside. They say, you take care of it, then you can come back inside.

Cathie Humbarger:
Right. I have spoken with many women who have an abortion decision in their past who tell me that this surely must be the unforgivable sin because it is the only sin that they never hear about in church. You hear about all kinds of other things, other sins, and the fact that there's grace and mercy and forgiveness at the foot of the cross. But abortion is never mentioned. I've also heard from pastors that they really don't want to touch this issue because they know there are people sitting in their church pews who have had an abortion or encourage somebody to have an abortion or whatever. And they don't want to make them feel bad by bringing this up. Well, that train of thought leads to well, then you're denying them the opportunity to confess their sin and receive forgiveness, which is what they desperately need.

About Reprotection

One Thursday morning, Cathie Humbarger looked out her office window at the local abortion business and saw women stumbling down the steps after an abortion. No wheelchair. No wheelchair ramp. She wondered, “What else is going on behind the doors of the notorious abortionist Ulrich Klopfer’s business?”

​You would think that egregious violations like these would raise the alarm with local and state authorities, but they didn’t.

Cathie and her team filed over 2000 complaints against abortionist Klopfer, resulting in his three abortion facilities being closed in Indiana. His medical license was then suspended with stringent stipulations that caused him to decide to stop practicing altogether. He would never harm another woman again.

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