What Millennials Want

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022 13:46

What do millenials look for in a church? The answer might just surprise you. I conclude my conversation with Andrew Grissom and William Merriman - Millenial pastors from Memphis Tennessee - hosts of...

Wednesday, 09 March 2022 17:21

Both culture and the church continue to misunderstand millennials - and we are denying them the kingdom of God in the process. Today I talk with Andrew Grissom and William Merriman from Memphis...

What Millennials Want

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What do millenials look for in a church? The answer might just surprise you.

I conclude my conversation with Andrew Grissom and William Merriman - millennial pastors from Memphis Tennessee - hosts of The Wandering Years podcast.  We talk about what millenials are really searching for in church. It is far simpler than we think.

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Reuel Sample:
The church is one of the oldest institutions on the planet, and there's the only institution that Jesus directly ordained. What do we need to do to get people of this age group back into the church or the church to be more trusted by people in this age group? It's a two way street, obviously. So what has to what has to happen?

Andrew Grissom:
I think so often we're looking at what kind of worship style do we offer? What kind of social media do we offer? Are we singing the the newest songs off of K-Love or something along those lines? And and I think we're missing the point there. Young adults are young adults are not looking for young adults are not looking for the newest programming in this, that and the other. They are looking for people who are truly living out what Act 2 is talking about. They're eating together, they're worshipping together, they're praying together. They're coming together and they're being in community. And I think I think where we in the church has been so focused on the sort of programming that will get them in the doors, we need to change as the church a mindset of saying, hey, let's go out and get them. And it doesn't start with it doesn't start with the big programming. It starts with the with the one, it starts with the one. It starts with the person who turns around and looks and looks and sees the young adult who might be sitting in the back of their church by themselves and says, Hey, let's go have lunch together after church and I want to know about you. We want to the hope and the prayer and what young adults are searching for is people that don't just say they care for them, but they back it up with action, with thought, with care. They really are a community because I think so often that a young adult and really anybody in the church, then they're not going to hear what you're trying to say to them until they know that you are for them and that they love and that they are seeking after Jesus with you.

Andrew Grissom:
And so I think that, you know, I look back at Mark chapter five, where where Jesus calls the demons out of the demon possessed man and sends them into the pigs. And and the people are freaked out right there. And they're going into the city and they run back. And what people miss so often in Mark Chapter five is when the people get back, they see the man who had been once covered in demons for so long. He was fully clothed. He was in his right mind and he was sitting at the feet of Jesus and he was just listening to him, you know. And I think I think that is a beautiful, powerful picture that a man who had been taken over by so many demons for so long, the first thought that he had as soon as he was of a free mind and a free will, was he was saying, hey, I just want to sit at Jesus's feet and listen. And and, you know, so I think for young adults, it's not about the programming man. It's what it's what does it mean for us to be intentional and looking? And this is for for the people who are listening to this today. What does it look like for maybe one young adult in your community, one young adult in your church, to reach out to them and say, hey, come over to my house and have a meal with me. I want to know who you are. So many young adults don't have that. They're sitting at home alone and they're eating dinner alone. And so you would be blown away at how much a simple invitation like that would mean to them.

Reuel Sample:
It's not about whether your church is liturgical, which is I'm a frozen, chosen Presbyterian and or it's not about whether you're rockin the aisles, which is what my wife likes to do. I wear foamies when I worship with her. It's about being genuine and it's being about community. Is that what I'm hearing?

William Merriman:
Yeah, I think that that's that's a big piece of it. This young adult generation is the most connected from a technology standpoint, but really the most lonely. And then they also have the greatest zeal to change the world. And the church is the one place where you could find the solution to both of those things.

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